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PLZ-5W Series

Multifunctional DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP)
4 Models

PLZ-5W Series The PLZ-5W Series high performance electronic load is the successor to the highly respected PLZ-4W series, whilst still retai...

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PLZ-5WH Series -NEW-

Compact High Voltage DC Electronic Load (CC/CR/CV/CP/ARB)
2 Models

PLZ-5WH Series The PLZ-5WH high power DC electronic load series is where durable, reliable ingenuity meets multifunctional and high power de...

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PLZ-4WL Series

High Speed-Large Current DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP)

PLZ-4WL Series While the PLZ-4WL series succeeds to the superior operability of our conventional model of the PLZ-4W series, the PLZ-4WL ser...

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PLZ-4WH Series

Multifunctional High Voltage DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/CP)
3 Models

PLZ-4WH Series The PLZ-4WH Series Electronic Load is a multifunctional system designed to offer the highest levels of reliability and safety...

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PLZ-U Series

Modular Multifunction DC Electronic Load (CC/CV/CR/Zero volt input)
4 Models

PLZ-U Series The current trend in semiconductors is towards lower voltages and higher speeds. This trend places similar demands on both th...

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